Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's beyond words, what I feel. How I miss them. All of them, with all of my heart. It hurts every day. Every moment of every day.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

teenage things

Jobs, friends, shopping, coffee.  Living a normal teenage life in Wisconsin is what I've been missing. I do normal things, I think normal thoughts like what shoes go with this shirt. It's really the simple things that are making my readjustment so smooth. I keep waiting for this big HOLY MOLY moment when it all hits me and I realize all these hidden feelings, but to be honest, I don't know if its coming. I am not going to overthink it. I'm happy and I'm going with it.

Once in a while there are little moments of frustration, but my entire life in Bolivia was frustrating things on top of frustrating thing and one thing my exchange has taught me is how to overcome those types of things.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I missed the ice cream

Been back almost a month now. I'm keeping busy so as not to miss my host country. More than Santa Cruz, I miss my girls. I miss my frenchies and my Canadian and the girls form the states. I was back in Waupaca for the fourth and it was great to see lots of people out and about and say hi t people I hadn't yet seen. It was so very hot which made me a bit cranky, but everyone was cranky anyway. I have a job now so I will start saving up for college, getting my liscence, ect.

Life back in Pac is good, the lakes are refreshing and the ice cream is cheap!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Al Final

Being in Miami is great! I am relearning things like using dollars and getting used to the safer drivers. It's unlike anythng else, being in the U.S after getting used to a whole different country. I amd actually very exited to be back here, but I guess I won't really know until I am back in Waupaca.

I'm just going to say a little thing to the special girls I left behind in Santa Cruz.

Claro que si llore, fue horrible, pero el segundo vez fue mas facil, gracias a Dios. Cuando camine a traves de la puerta, mi corazon se rompo un poquito. Nunca voy a olvidarte! Tengo un sueno cuando tenemos 60 a├▒os, y estoy muy rico y voy a enviar una carta a todas las chicas con un boleta para volver a Santa Cruz!! En serio yo se con todo mi alma que eso no fue "adios" solo "hasta pronto". Siempre en mi corazonsito, los Quiero!! <3

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trapped in Bolivia

I went to the airport the morning if June 10th with all the exchange students minus the 3 who had left. I checked in, we went upstairs, the girls threw tons of glitter on me, my parents gave me gifts. We cried as we said our final goodbyes. I walked away from the 15 people who have made this year so incredibly wondeful and who have helped me grow and change in so many ways. I went threw security crying and shedding glitter everywhere. I waited in line for about an hour, then showed the people my passport, papers and boarding pass. They showed me to a counter off to the side of the line where a man asked me for my parental consent papers, I gave them the one my real parents had signed last year, they barely glanced at it and just said "No". They asked me who was giving me persmission, I told them all of my parents. They said if I didn't have proof of that, I couldn't leave because I am under 18. I told them I dont know what kind of papers they want, they told me to call my dad to have him come back to the airport. After calling Kirsten to tell my dad to come back, they told me the doors were already closed and I coulnd't get on. I waited in a scary secluded staircase until someone came to take me to the main area of the airport. My host father, Kirsten, Charlotte, Matilde, Diego and Lou all came back and met me and helpedme with my bags, My father talked with the people to figure out why I couldn't leave. We went home. I called my real parents then slept all day. So now, after meeting with Rotary, Lawyers, Government officials, and signing things, we are almost all set for me to fly out Thursday.

It turns out this law was only made last month!! And no one knew!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nadie Puede Entender

Tengo miedo para volver. Voy a extranar las chicas aca, mi familia aca. Nadie puede entener como siento!! A veces estoy muy frustrado. Este...No solo voy a extranar, voy a tener un dolor mas fuerte del mundo en mi corazon! Mi corazon va a romper 2 mil veces para mi vida aca.

Lloro a Cualquier Momento

It has been a rough few days, Emily having gone already and I am the next. Everything I do I think it may be the last time I do it here. Its tough. I have a few tears at any moment when I think of being in the states without my girls, my wondeful host dad, and this gorgous city busstling with people.